We Are Committed To Workplace Safety


Our History

Our company was established in 1976 and as such we have over 40 years experience & expertise in our field. Companies evolve over the years, but we are proud to have maintained our family run feel, even though we have grown considerably over the years.

Our Team

We have a dedicated and very experienced team, headed by two directors, both of whom have been with the company for over 40 years. We take great pride in nurturing & retaining our employees, which results in a stable, efficient and committed workforce.

Our Philosophy

Our 1st philosophy is to create and nurture positive employee & customer relationships, respecting both in the hope that a strong and stable company is the result.


Our 2nd philosophy is always to provide only the best quality components and staff to ensure a high-quality product and level of installation/service. We never compromise on this. Our refusal to provide inferior products or staff is a high moral stance but ensures that our customers stay satisfied.


Our design team is fully trained to the latest standards ensuring they can provide exactly what you need, from the simplest to the most complex of systems.


All our engineers are fully trained to the latest standards and working practices, receiving ongoing training as and when required to ensure that your systems are installed and maintained correctly, efficiently and to the highest standard.


Our engineers follow a  formal company training/grading regime which ensures they have all the skills required of them to carry out their work and progress to the highest level as soon as they are ready.

Econogard Services Ltd Fire & Secuity Systems • Saxon Way • Melbourn. nr Royston • Herts • SG8_6DN

Econogard ServicesFire & Secuity Systems • Saxon Way • Melbourn. nr Royston • Herts • SG86DN